The efficiency describes the relationship between the output and the input power. As a rule, the highest possible degree of efficiency, i.e. a low loss of power, is aimed for.

The efficiency is determined by the thread profile (thread type), the pitch (flank angle), the load and the coefficient of friction (i.e. the sliding pair).

In order to achieve the highest possible degree of efficiency, attention should be paid to the details when selecting the dimensions and thread profiles. By optimizing the sliding pairing and choosing the right lubricant, the efficiency of existing screw drives can also be increased.

The efficiency can usually be documented via the current consumption of the motor.

The efficiencies vary greatly. These are between 15% (single-start, unlubricated sliding thread) up to 99% (optimized ball screw drives)

Junaspin is happy to help with the design. Thousands of test results are documented in our database. In addition to the pure calculation, experience from “real applications” and tests can also be incorporated.