Ball screw

Ball Bearing lead screws are used both as drive / movement threads and as positioning or measuring threads. The Ball Bearing lead screws is not a sliding screw drive. Rolling bodies (balls) are used.

In the case of the ball screw, the nut and spindle each have a semicircular cross-section, which together form a tube filled with balls. The rolling elements move towards the end of the nut during the rotary movement and are then returned there via a deflection inside the nut.

Ball Bearing lead screws are mainly used when very high positioning and repeat accuracy are required.

Compared to trapezoidal screw drives, ball screws allow significantly higher speeds and loads at the same time (pxv value). The efficiency is significantly higher than with sliding screw drives.

We supply ball screw spindles in various diameters and pitches. The threaded spindles also differ in the manufacturing process (rolled, whirled, ground), the accuracy, different nut geometries, lengths and possible journal machining.

junaspin supplies ball screw drives ready for installation according to drawing. Ask us!