High helix spindles are mostly used as movement threads. The main feature of these threads is that the pitch is very large in relation to the diameter. In this way, a small radial movement can be converted into large axial movements.

To increase the pitch of the thread, either the thread profile is widened or multiple threads with several parallel threads are used. The thread form cannot be clearly defined with the term high-helix thread.

High-helix lead screws are mainly used when large strokes have to be covered in a short time or when self-locking is not desired for application reasons.

Compared to trapezoidal screw drives, the efficiency is significantly higher. Due to the steep incline, however, a higher drive torque is also required.

We supply high-helix lead screws in various diameters and pitches. The threaded spindles also differ in terms of the material, accuracy, length and possible tenon machining.

junaspin can supply a wide range of sizes. The production of high helix lead screws and nuts is made to order.