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The use of standard and high-performance plastics has proven itself for the production of threaded nuts.

Plastics not only save costs, compared to the alternatives made of steel, bronze and aluminum, plastics save resources in production. For example, around 50% less energy is used to manufacture 1m³ of plastic than for a comparable amount of aluminum. With plastics with optimized sliding properties, it is then possible to dispense with lubricants entirely.


junaspin plastics

Thanks to our experience with sliding pairings in the area of screw drives, we can select and recommend plastics based on the application. In addition to standard plastics, we are very interested in plastics with optimized sliding technology

The materials:

The junaspin plastics program includes almost all standard plastics such as POM, PA, PA6, PA66, PEEK, PET, HD-PE, PVC, PE, PTFE, PBT, PPS and PVDF.

Junaspin also supplies slip-optimized materials such as PA6 MoS2, PA66 / PTFE, PA 6 / SI, POM / PTFE, PET-GL, PTFE / glass, PTFE / carbon, PEEK / GL and HD-PE / PTFE.

We can usually assign manufacturer-specific compounds to the corresponding base polymers on the basis of the material key figures and offer appropriate alternatives. If it is not possible to clearly determine which materials are involved, the components can be determined using DSC analysis. Please contact us if you are thinking of replacing expensive special compounds.

The scope of delivery:

junaspin supplies semi-finished plastic products and finished plastic parts. Production takes place according to customer drawings.

In addition to mechanically manufactured items, injection molded components and threaded nuts are also part of the delivery program. The possibility of injection molding production in small and medium-sized quantities should be pointed out in particular. By using tools made of aluminum, production of just 100 pieces with corresponding complex geometries can already make sense.

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