Round thread nut flange nut

Round thread nuts are used as both drive and movement threads.

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Round thread nuts are used as both drive and movement threads. This type of thread is similar to the thread profile of ball screws. The dimensions are regulated in DIN405.

With round threads, the radius of curvature at the thread tip and in the thread root is the same. Round threads are self-locking. The flank angle is 30 degrees.

With standard round threads, the diameter is metric, while the pitch is given in inches, for example Rd 18×1 / 8 “.

Round thread spindles are mainly used when an increased amount of dirt is to be expected in the application. The rounded flanks make it harder for dirt to collect in the threads. This advantage increases in dry running in combination with maintenance-free threaded nuts made of plastic.

Compared to trapezoidal screw drives, round threads tend to produce less noise. The rounded flanks also reduce friction.

The use of special high-performance plastics for nut production can further significantly reduce the tendency to make noises.

We supply round thread nuts in various diameters and pitches. The nuts also differ in their direction of rotation, accuracy, material, surface treatment and shape.


Rd 8×1/10″, Rd 10×1/10″, Rd 12×1/10″, Rd 14×1/8″, Rd 16×1/8″, Rd 18×1/8″, Rd 20×1/8″, Rd 24×1/8″, Rd 26×1/8″, Rd 30×1/8″, Rd 36×1/8″, Rd 40×1/6″


POM, gunmetal, steel, V2A



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