The use of screw drives in the field of applications in the packaging industry is very common. In almost all areas of the packaging / food and pharmaceutical industry, there are applications for screw drives, for example in form / fill / seal machines, tray sealing machines, dosing systems, cartoning machines, tubular bag machines, strapping machines, weighing systems, blister packs, filling machines, inspection systems, conveyor technology, cleaning technology, Blow molding machines and labeling.

Classic applications are format and lane adjustments, adjustments of sensors and cameras, lifting units, conveyor lines, hold-down devices, height adjustments and valve drives.

The specialty of this branch is that absolutely reliable systems are required which can cope with the ambient conditions and the high cycle rates. Mostly the requirement is that screw drives work absolutely maintenance-free and without separate lubrication. In addition to FDA and NSF approval, there are requirements for media resistance, detectability, Temperature resistance , Dirt resistance , Corrosion resistance and the possibility of cleaning (also during operation).

Many of the above-mentioned requirements can be achieved by combining sliding thread spindles made of stainless steel with a plastic nut; slide-coated spindles are also used again and again in these applications.

Ball screw drives made of stainless steel are also part of the delivery program of junaspin GmbH. the Junagrease lubricant has FDA approval and has already been successfully used in wash-down applications.

junaspin is happy to support you in the selection and design of your screw drive in relation to the tasks typical of the industry.