ACME threaded nut ACME threaded nut

ACME and Stub-ACME threads are mainly used as drive or movement spindles, occasionally also as positioning threads. With the ACME and Stub-ACME, the profile of the threads has the shape of an isosceles trapezoid. The flank angle is 29 degrees.

ACME and stub ACME are usually self-locking. Due to the geometry of the thread flanks, they can absorb higher forces than, for example, metric screw drives.

Compared to ball screws, the ACME and Stub-ACME screw drives have a significantly poorer efficiency due to the sliding friction between nut and spindle. The ideal combination of spindle and nut material can significantly improve the coefficient of sliding friction and thus also the efficiency.

We supply both single and multiple thread nuts with ACME or stub ACME threads in various diameters and pitches. The nuts also differ in their direction of rotation, material, geometry and functionality. It is also possible to manufacture nuts using the injection molding process. The scope of delivery also includes safety nuts and preloaded nuts.