Do you see a need for optimization in various purchasing and development topics?

Are you already buying spindles, nuts, drawing parts with threads and linear technology?

We divide our purchasing services into

Free offers

  • With a classic price comparison, ie we offer the component and you check whether you can save costs with us
  • By posting your articles in a posting portal
  • With a regional price comparison, ie we offer the component specifically from a partner in a target region, for example from Asian, Eastern European or Italian production

And paid services

  • With make or buy analyzes, for example when deciding whether to buy pre-assembled components or individually
  • With production simulations, ie we simulate the production of your item in a factory “on the greenfield” and check the actual production costs in relation to raw material costs, production know-how, personnel and energy costs and ecology.
  • Through purchasing coaching, ie we give you the arguments on how you can optimize the cost structure of the items delivered to you with your previous supplier.
  • With production support, ie we support your decision to convert certain items to suppliers from low-wage countries with appropriate audits and training at the suppliers on site.

We look forward to your ideas and tasks.

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