There are innumerable possible applications for screw drives in medical technology, for example:

  • Imaging diagnostics (MRT / CT / X-ray)
  • Dental ovens
  • CAD / CAM systems
  • Scanner systems
  • Ointment mixing systems
  • Pharmacist storage and retrieval machines
  • Drives for agitators
  • Operating tables, treatment tables and hospital beds
  • Cleaning technology
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Dosing devices

The applications in this branch are very different. Very high levels of accuracy are required in laboratory devices and CAD / CAM systems, while non-magnetic components are usually required in the drives of CTs, MRIs and X-ray systems. While handling, scanners and laboratory devices require very high mileages over their service life, applications in ointment mixing systems, dosing devices and dental ovens are relatively static.

All applications have in common that the screw drives have to function reliably, quietly and as free of lubricants as possible, even under the corresponding stress loads.

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