The use of screw drives in applications in the medium or under water is possible. These are applications in test stands, laboratory equipment, in food and filling technology, in the offshore area, in valve technology and diving robots.

The specialty of these applications is that absolutely lubrication-free and reliable systems are required. In addition to the other application conditions, the issues of corrosion resistance and media resistance must also be considered separately. Atmospheric pressure must also be taken into account for deep-sea applications.

In many applications in low-viscosity media, an improvement in service life or a reduction in friction and wear could also be observed. The medium lies between the spindle and the nut and thus serves as “lubrication”. Depending on the speed and construction of the system, a hydrodynamic effect can even occur.

junaspin is happy to support you in the selection and design of your screw drive for use in the medium. The focus here is specifically on the selection of materials.