The use of unlubricated sliding screw drives is essential in many applications. This applies to applications in laboratory equipment, in the food industry, in the packaging industry and in the pharmaceutical sector. Such systems are also used in dirt-intensive applications such as the textile industry and in processing machines.

Dry running is ensured either by the nut material (e.g. special bronze, sliding plastic) or by the spindle material (e.g. Ms58) or by a Spindle coating achieved. Particularly good results in terms of Coefficient of friction and wear are achieved with slide-coated spindles in combination with slide-optimized plastics.

By dispensing with lubricants, there are no manufacturing costs, there are no maintenance costs when operating the screw drive, causes of errors (insufficient lubrication) are avoided and the life cycle assessment of a screw drive is significantly improved.

junaspin is happy to support you in the selection of materials that enable dry running. In addition to the question of manufacturability, we also have experience with the application and durability of various coatings and materials. In addition to the pure calculation, experience from “real applications” and tests can also be incorporated.