PRIS-X is a modular and universal stacking and securing device for bar-shaped round material. With PRIS-X, round material such as shafts, spindles, pipes, rods and the like can be safely stored and transported.

The filing system is a further development of wooden prisms. The wooden prism is used thousands of times as a shelf in many production facilities and workshops. In terms of function and flexibility, PRIS-X is the modern further development of the wooden prism, which meets the requirements for organization and occupational safety in production and workshops.

Workpiece security, transport security, production support and job security. The module is space-saving, stackable, light, robust and durable.

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Choose variant! plus VAT, plus shipping costs

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PRIS-X | The transport lock for shafts, rods, lead screws and other rod-shaped round material. The modules can be expanded and stacked as required. Versatile in use. PRIS-X is a transport lock in shipping, as well as protection in the warehouse or at the workplace. The high quality of the plastic ensures sustainability and offers an easy-to-clean surface.

Dimensions Modell PRIS-X 40

PRIS-X-Dimensionen1 PRIS-X-Dimensionen2


2 individual modules, 24 individual modules, 240 individual modules, 2×8 modules, 12 x 8 modules

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