The slope accuracy describes the path fluctuation over a certain useful path.

In the case of sliding thread spindles, such as trapezoidal or high-helix thread spindles, the max. permissible pitch delay usually at max. 0.1 / 300mm. Better accuracies are also offered on request.

Ball screw spindles are divided into the following classes according to DIN or ISO standards

T1 = pitch accuracy 4.5 μm / 300 mm
T2 = pitch accuracy 8 μm / 300 mm
T3 = pitch accuracy 12 μm / 300 mm
T5 = pitch accuracy 23 μm / 300 mm
T7 = pitch accuracy 52 μm / 300 mm
T9 = pitch accuracy 130 μm / 300 mm
T10 = pitch accuracy 200 μm / 300 mm

Depending on the manufacturer and standard, the class is also described with other classes, for example C5 or N5 instead of T5.

junaspin is happy to support you in the selection and design of your screw drive. We are happy to weigh up the required pitch accuracy together with you, taking into account the manufacturing costs.