In thread production, it is important to cope with a wide variety of requirements. The requirements of the market vary from project to project.

Various issues must be taken into account when preparing the offer:

  • Which manufacturing method is suitable for the component?
  • Can the material suggested by the customer even be used for the ideal production method? Can it be machined, cold formed, injected?
  • What rework has to be done externally?

junaspin would like to devote itself to all projects, regardless of whether they are individual production or automobile series production. This also means that we are always looking for new projects in the field of miniaturization. We currently deliver threaded rods with a diameter of 1.5mm. But we are of the opinion that we can still develop in this area. Do you have inquiries for small parts?

In the area of large components, too, there are always exciting projects in clamping technology for bridges, power plants and in weirs, locks and gates. We have already implemented projects for components with a diameter of 385mm and a length of 16 meters (composed of several parts). But here, too, there is still room for improvement.

We would be very happy to see more exciting tasks and projects.