With sliding screw drives, there can be clearly audible noises. The tendency to make noises depends on many parameters, such as the coefficient of friction of the threaded nut, length, straightness, surface and deflection of the threaded spindle. The bearing of the screw drive also has an influence.

Often existing resonances are amplified by the construction, for example the noises can only be heard through a sheet metal housing or similar.

In order to eliminate existing vibrations and noises in a screw drive, we recommend using directional spindles with increased straightness. The use of the Junagrease lubricant a significant improvement.

It is also possible to optimize the surface of the spindle. In special cases it was necessary to change the thread profile itself in order to completely eliminate noises.

junaspin is happy to support you in the selection and design of your screw drive. With regard to the elimination of noises, we have built up in-depth expertise and can incorporate experience from “real applications” and tests.