When developing and designing machine components, the question of service life always arises, of course. How must a component be designed in order to achieve the desired service life.

Our website, but also relevant manuals for mechanical engineering, provide guide values with regard to general applicability. In this way, for example, the maximum speed or the permissible forces can be calculated.

The wear of a screw drive cannot be reliably “calculated” to this day, because too many factors influence the service life, including storage, environmental conditions (e.g. influence of chemicals, dirt, temperatures), lubrication, the surface caused by the manufacturing process, transverse forces , Duty cycles, selection of sliding partners, vibrations and much more.

“Calculation programs” known on the market are therefore more like “test results programs”.

Of course, the components must be carefully designed in advance and calculated in the classic way with regard to the key figures. However, it is imperative to subject series applications to a practical test.

junaspin also goes this way. The results of thousands of tests are saved and documented in our database. Lifetimes can then be interpolated and queried from these experiences. We are happy to carry out endurance tests or laboratory tests for you. Talk to us, we will be happy to “calculate” for you.