Of course, threaded rods made of steel can also rust from the influence of moisture and chemicals. But contact corrosion, vibration corrosion, surface corrosion and crevice corrosion cannot be ruled out with threaded spindles made of steel.

If there are problems with the formation of corrosion, initial lubrication is often sufficient to preserve the spindle. When choosing one Spindle fat Care should be taken to ensure that the grease is reversible and washable.

Should the lubrication not be sufficient too Coatings be a sensible alternative to stainless steels. Electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, chrome-plating, phosphating, burnishing, bonding, thick-film passivation, nitro-carburizing, anodizing, anodizing and painting are particularly suitable for screw drives. The suitability of the coating in terms of wear resistance and coefficient of sliding friction must be checked separately.

If the use of surface coatings is not sufficient to achieve a suitable corrosion protection class, the only option is to use stainless steels (Inox, VA steel, Nirosta). However, not all stainless steels are equally suitable for thread rolling. In addition to the yield point, there are a few other parameters to consider.

Titanium, bronze and aluminum can also solve problems with regard to corrosion.

junaspin can have almost all coatings applied by external partners.

In addition to the question of manufacturability, we also have experience with the application and durability of various alloys and surface processes. In addition to the pure calculation, experience from “real applications” and tests can also be incorporated.