Sliding screw drives need a certain basic game. Without play, the application jams or at least very high drive torques are required.

In addition to the basic backlash of a screw drive, the manufacturing method and the permissible tolerances are also reflected in the accuracy. While at ground screw drives have the tolerances reduced to a minimum rolled spindles Very strong fluctuations due to production.

In addition to the axial and radial play, the backlash of a screw drive is also a fixed measured variable.

Various systems have been established to balance the game. In addition to “static preload variants”, such as slotted nuts that eliminate play through radial clamping or double nuts that are clamped against each other, the “dynamic preload variants” can be found on the market. These systems not only compensate for an existing basic play, but also equalize the play that is added due to wear and tear. The preload is implemented either with compression springs, torsion springs or elastomers.

Prestressed systems are often also used as problem solvers for applications using Noise or vibration problems suitable. In addition, the lifespan extend significantly by “readjusting”.

junaspin will be happy to support you in the selection and design of your screw drive. We would be happy to discuss with you which type of preload is most suitable for your application. In addition to the technical requirements, economic aspects are of course also relevant here. In addition to the calculation, we can also incorporate experience from “real applications” and tests.