The importance of good lubrication is more well known today than ever. Experts estimate the annual follow-up costs due to insufficient lubrication in German mechanical engineering at high three-digit million sums.

Lubricants help to reduce friction and wear. A positive side effect of the lubricating properties is that the drive requires less energy and the efficiency is significantly improved.

When selecting a lubricant, the required temperature range must be taken into account. The material compatibility must also be taken into account. Not every lubricant is compatible with plastics and therefore also suitable for sliding screw nuts made of plastics (such as POM, PEEK, PA6.6 and other sliding-modified plastics).

The adhesive force of the lubricant on the spindle must be taken into account. Otherwise there is a risk that the lubricant will be “thrown off” at high speeds.

Industry and application-specific requirements must also be taken into account, for example FDA approval in the area of food and pharmaceutical applications or PWIS-free in the area of applications in painting technology.

In some applications, a lubricant can also be used to preserve or protect the spindle from rust.

That junagrease spindle grease was specially developed for the lubrication of screw drives (especially ball screws, trapezoidal threads and high helix threads). But “the lubricant partner you trust” can also give you appropriate recommendations.

Depending on the application, however, it may also be necessary for a screw drive to run absolutely dry. The offer of special materials for the Dry run designed is growing steadily. The development of modern sliding-modified plastics (also called triboplastics) should be mentioned here, but also of various high-performance bronzes. With these materials, dry lubricants (e.g. PTFE, MoS2, silicone, graphite, etc.) are embedded in the material.

junaspin is happy to help with the design. Hundreds of test results for various lubricants are documented in our database. In addition to the pure calculation, experience from “real applications” and tests can also be incorporated.